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To: Anyone who is interested.

Just wanted to state in my relatively blank lj, that I am here mostly for reading and reviewing other people's work. I love fan fiction (mostly slash fiction) and I'm always looking for another great story. So if I'm requesting an add its because I'm intrigued by your community or stories and would love to read them. :)

ETA (02/08/10): Hopefully I will be actually posting fanfic, ramblings and other such things here as well. No guarantees yet so I'll be leaving this message up for now.

I will write!

I am absolutely determined to write and post something...even a short drabble...by the end of this week.  

It will be Glee slash. 

Please wish me luck :o)


 Today we went to try on bridesmaids dresses and I discovered that I am a size smaller than I thought I was!  How happy is that?  I am determined to keep up with the whole gym/exercise/eating healthier thing.  Wish me luck!

Day Off

So I have today (and tomorrow, yay!) off from work and decided to attempt to become more involved here. So, I joined a group and added user pics. And now I'm posting :)

About the user pics...I learned how to take screencaps today! It was quite exciting. So all of my icons are my own, captured and made (a little uncreatively, but its only my first day!) by me.

First Post

Alright, haven't a clue as to what I'm doing, but I'm working on it. Anyone with advice (or without, lol) is more than welcome to comment!

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